Entertainment Cinemas- Dated March 31, 2022

Entertainment Cinemas

Entertainment Cinemas- Dated March 31, 2022 1-Samantha was sighted at the Mumbai airport looking quite fashionable. Samantha Akkineni, the attractive Tollywood actress, is looking stunning in her recent looks and has captured the hearts of young people and fashionistas. This Pusha actress was seen at Mumbai airport wearing blue denim and a red t-shirt. She … Read more

Stepson Mahesh Babu Unveils Statue of Telugu Actress Vijaya Nirmala on Her Birth Anniversary

    Telugu star Mahesh Babu and politician Talasani Srinivas Yadav unveiled the statue of late actor-filmmaker Vijaya Nirmala on her 74th birth anniversary on Thursday. Nirmala was the stepmother of Mahesh Babu.   Nirmala breathed her last in June, 2019 at Continental Hospital in Hyderabad, where she had been undergoing treatment. The veteran actress … Read more