Telangana High Court Sets New Precedent with Landmark Telugu Verdict

Telangana High Court Sets New Precedent with Landmark Telugu Verdict

The Telangana High Court made history by issuing a ruling in Telugu for the first time ever, starting a revolutionary study. This major judgement, which spanned 44 pages and was entirely written in Telugu, concerned a property dispute between two brothers from Secunderabad.

The judgement was reached by a jury that included Justices P. Naveen Rao and Nagesh Bhimapaka. The judgement was originally written in English before being translated into Telugu and attached for cross-referencing. The bench emphasised the need for any potential spelling mistakes in the Telugu version to be cross-verified with the English translation in order to assure accuracy.

Given that the use of some English phrases has grown common among Telugu speakers, the decision to deliver the ruling in Telugu was made with the intention of making it more convenient for the litigants involved. The court included certain English terminology in the ruling in order to acknowledge the expanding tendency.

The Supreme Court has been aggressively translating key judgements into regional languages and making them available online, thus this development fits with a larger trend seen in the Indian judicial system. A significant precedent was established by the Kerala High Court in February of the previous year when a decision was also made in Malayalam.

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