Yakshini Web Series Review (Hotstar)

Yakshini Web Series Review: A Struggle to Captivate

Movie Name: Yakshini
Release Date: 2024-06-14
Cast: Vedika, Rahul Vijay, Manchu Lakshmi, Ajay
Director: Teja Marni
Producer: Shobhu Yarlagadda
Music: Priyadarshan Balasubramaniyan
Banner: Arka Media Works

Vedika stars in the lead role of ‘Yakshini’, a web series released in 6 episodes that fails to capture audience interest with its lackluster storytelling and unengaging scenes.

OTT platforms have seen a significant rise in popularity for socio-fantasy stories, with a substantial demand for horror content as well.

‘Yakshini’ aims to combine both these elements. Produced by the makers of ‘Baahubali’, this series, featuring Vedika in a key role, starts streaming on Hotstar today. Let’s examine its merits.

The story is set in ‘Alakapuri’, a mythical realm of Yakshas. Maya (Vedika), a Yaksha maiden, falls in love with the sorcerer Mahakal (Ajay).

She later discovers that his love was a ploy to learn the secret gateway to her world. Feeling betrayed, she distances herself from him, but by then it’s too late.

As punishment for breaking the rules of the Yaksha world, Kuber curses her to live on Earth. To lift the curse, she must kill 100 humans.

Meanwhile, Jwalamukhi (Manchu Lakshmi), another Yaksha, envious of Maya’s beauty, steals her charm, leading to her own banishment to Earth by Kuber. Both Maya and Jwala end up on Earth, with Mahakal aware of their presence.

Mahakal, representing the Naga race, learned many sorcery skills from his guru ‘Naga’. His aim is to find the gateway to the Yaksha world and gain control over it.

Maya kills him in her quest for redemption. Witnessing this, Mahakal becomes obsessed with finding the gateway.

Maya continues killing to break her curse. Mahakal hunts her, aiming to capture her. The 100th human she needs to kill must be a celibate, courageous person.

She encounters Krishna (Rahul Vijay), whom she tries to manipulate. She brings him to the verge of marriage, just as Jwala arrives, introducing herself as Maya’s sister-in-law and urging Maya to complete her mission before Mahakal finds them. The climax revolves around whether Maya can kill Krishna and return to her world.

The narrative centers on four key characters: Maya and Jwala as Yakshinis, Krishna, who loves Maya, and Mahakal, determined to capture her.

The series begins with Maya killing the 99th person and her subsequent efforts to find the 100th, facing various obstacles.

The story, deeply rooted in the Yaksha world, begins and ends there. However, the depiction of ‘Alakapuri’ is disappointing, using old sets like Hampi’s tower as a stand-in for the mythical gateway, lacking proper props and realistic visuals.

The introduction of Yakshini’s character is simple, and Ajay’s portrayal as a sorcerer is unconvincing. His lavish bungalow and unmatching dialogues make no sense.

There’s a clear disconnect between the character’s goals and their actions, raising questions about their inactivity until the 99th murder.

The series features love, romance, action, and emotion but lacks vitality. Jagadeesh Cheekati’s cinematography is impressive, while Priyadarshan Balasubramaniyan’s background music falls flat at times. Kartikeya’s editing is decent, but better set design and character development could have elevated the series.

Yakshini Web Series Review (Hotstar)

Yakshini Web Series Review

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