Galaxy S24 Series Buzz: Leaked Pre-Order Details and Walmart Listing Spotted!

Galaxy S24 Series Buzz: Leaked Pre-Order Details and Walmart Listing Spotted!

The big day for Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series is coming soon, and there are many leaks and rumors going around in tech world. These top-notch phones that are set to be revealed on January 17 have caused a lot of talk. Latest secrets suggest interesting video recording improvements for Galaxy S24, S24+ and Ultra versions. They are also likely to offer attractive specials if you order early.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series says it will give a new set of ideas and technology. It is said that these models will cost less than their old versions, except for the Galaxy S24 Ultra. That one might get more expensive. Walmart accidentally shared some information about the devices, and teasers from Samsung stores in Brazil also showed us details of their features.

Known leaker Ice Universe (@UniverseIce) on X (formerly Twitter) thinks that the Galaxy S24 and S24+ phones may cost a little less than people thought. This cost plan shows that Samsung believes in these coming models. However, the Galaxy S24 Ultra might cost more in all its storage options.

People are expecting a big change in the video recording abilities of the Galaxy S24 Ultra. There are rumors that this model can record in 4K quality at a fast speed of 120 frames each second. This is much better than what the Galaxy S23 Ultra can do now.

As usual, Samsung will give good bonuses for pre-orders. The first ones to get the Galaxy S24 Ultra could also receive more storage space for free and savings on other Samsung things like the Galaxy Watch or Buds FE.

Because of a mistake by Walmart, we saw what the Galaxy S24+ will have before it comes out. This model comes with a bigger 6.7-inch screen and a powerful 4,900mAh battery. It’s way better than the one before it. The list also suggested some AI-based features like Live Translate and Nightography Zoom.

Before the launch, Samsung stores in Brazil are starting to push the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Stolen posters show a four-camera back part and match the S Pen with color, making people more excited than before.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 lineup is said to come out in two weeks. People are excited and waiting for more information about these devices. The leaks and hints have only increased the wait for what might be one of this year’s most important smartphone releases.

In the end, Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series with its fancy features and careful cost plans will likely have a big effect on smartphone market. As we get ready for the big reveal, people keep talking about and guessing what could be an amazing new time for Samsung’s top phones.


1-When will the Samsung Galaxy S24 series be released?

The show is supposed to be shown on January 17.

2-What are the supposed features of the Galaxy S24 Ultra?

People think the Galaxy S24 Ultra will have better video recording skills and four back cameras.

3-Will there be any special benefits for ordering early the Galaxy S24 series?

Yes, those who buy early may get bigger storage versions and coupons for cheaper Samsung items.

4-How does the Galaxy S24+ compare to its predecessor?

The Galaxy S24+ is rumored to have a larger display and battery, along with advanced AI-powered features.

5-What has led to the heightened anticipation for the Galaxy S24 series?

Leaks, rumors, and accidental listings have fueled excitement about the new features and pricing of the series.


Galaxy S24; Source: Twitter Handle: Mr Android FHD

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