Gudivada Amarnath Family Visits the Kashi Temple

Gudivada Amarnath Family Visits the Kashi Temple

Gudivada Amarnath, Minister for various portfolios in Andhra Pradesh, visited a renowned temple in North India.

He shared a picture of his visit on Twitter, featuring his family.

The temple he visited is the Kashi Vishwanadha Swamy Temple.

His visit was marked by prayers for the happiness, peace, and prosperity of Andhra Pradesh.

‍ Amarnath’s family accompanied him during this visit and prayer.

His tweet emphasized seeking blessings for Andhra Pradesh‘s well-being, sans any deficiencies.

The visit and prayers were part of the New Year celebrations.

Gudivada Amarnath, Minister for Industries, Infrastructure, Investment & Commerce, Information Technology and Handlooms & Textiles, Government of Andhra Pradesh, visited the Kashi Vishwanadha Swamy Temple with his family, praying for the state’s prosperity and sharing the moment on Twitter.

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